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Friday The 13th Jason inspired 

Hand Painted & Airbrush 

Makeup Tutorial By Samantha Christianson 


Be my guest and check out all the amazing airbrush face & body art 

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The list of ProAiir products demonstrated in the Airbrush Makeup Tutorial

Winnipeg Body Painting Visual Eye Candy Promotions

Professional body painter. SPFX Makeup Artist. Graphics Design Artist & Photographer
25 yrs of experience behind my belt.

Samantha Christianson has achieved many levels of awards & Honours for my industry.

Manitoba Art Club & Red River Art Exhibition placing 1st 3 times, YouTube, Glam Express Guru awards. 

Awarded scholarships & honours in my field of expertise in my industry over the past 25yrs.

I’ve had the honour of being published internationally on all levels of multimedia for my work as an independent Freelance Artist.

I have worked with companies from around the world for body painting and promotion services

Samantha is your personal body painting connection for your project and unique celebrations.

Quality products incredible artistry experienced & licenced in Winnipeg with the highest quality standards, in health and hygiene in Winnipeg for all body painting events & services.

When your inquiring about our services for Winnipeg body painting events & services no matter 
how big or small we can make your special event a reason to have people talking.  

Body Painting Winnipeg uses FDA approved body paints, European Body Art is our choice of professional body art products are the highest standards in our choice for Winnipeg body painting. 

I can do face painting, body paint, custom prosthetics, special effects make up, airbrush body art, 
for any level of events & services for any level of business and celebration for your request.

I can be available for fundraiser, fashion shows, photo shoots, kids parties or what events are needed for your special personalized event.

I work with only the highest quality body paints that is F.D.A approved in the body painting industry. 

I feel as an artist my work will surpass the expectation of what is needed for your professional experience of your project.

Winnipeg Body Painting VisualEyeCandy Promotional Services 

Licensed red seal trade Aesthetician in province of Manitoba for 17yrs over 25yrs of experience  

Professional Body Painting, Award winning, Makeup, SPFX prothetic, Custom Costume Design, Airbrushing, Photography, Promotional Events & Services.




5 Star Reviews and feed back from clients & companies 

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Winnipeg Body Painting 

Published On March & April 2016

 SkinMarkZ Magazine Vol 18 &19

Thank you so much to 
SkinMarkZ Magazine for Publishing
work in your unique ‪BodyArt‬ ‪magazine‬ I'm truly Honoured! 
Make sure to pick up your very own copy of March 2016 
Vol 19 of SkinMarkZ Magazine today!

Published Work March 2016 SkinMarkZ Magazine 

Thank you so much to SkinMarkZ Magazine for Publishing
work in your unique ‪BodyArt‬ ‪magazine‬ I'm truly Honoured! 
Make sure to pick up your very own copy of March 2016 
Vol 18 of SkinMarkZ Magazine today!
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Visual Eye Candy Professional Face & Body Painting Promotional Services

S.A.C. (Samantha Ann Christianson ) Freelance artist

5 Star Reviews and feed back from clients & companies 

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Winnipeg-based artist Samantha Christianson is a gem, 
and this behind the scenes chat where she does her 
Beatress Johnson (from American Mary) impression, is proof positive: 

Blog Interview with Winnipeg Body Painting Visual Eye Candy 

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Professional MakeUp SPFX Custom Costume Design, Airbrushing & Photography

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Professional Body Painter.Photographer.Social Media Promotions.Visual Freelance Artist 

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