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European Body Art Encore Alcohol Palettes

Posted by Samantha Wpg on March 29, 2014 at 3:20 AM

 European Body Art Encore Alcohol Palettes

Face Off Edition airbrush makeup last year, European Body Art has left makeup artists screaming for more. European Body Art is set to unveil brand new alcohol- activated palettes this month at the Halloween and Attractions Show in St. Louis, MO and Monsterpalooza in Burbank, CA. After months of product testing, European Body Art is finally ready to release the Encore Alcohol Palettes.

European Body Art looks to make a splash in the special effects makeup industry with the release of these alcohol-activated palettes. By building off of the reputation of its liquid predecessor, Endura, Encore Alcohol Palettes will provide unparalleled durability, high pigmentation, and a wide selection of colors. Initially, twenty SFX and Undead colors from the Endura Face Off Edition line will be offered in the alcohol-activated palettes.

The Encore Palettes will feature an innovative magnetic case along with a mixing plate that comfortably fits in an artist’s hand. Interchangeable magnetic pans allow makeup artists to rearrange and replace colors easily based on their project or job, a rare sight in the special effects makeup industry.

All the while, EBA continues to maintain the signature qualities of their entire paint products as the durability of this special effects makeup will minimize the need for touch ups on set for professional makeup artists. Keep an eye out as EBA plans to release more colors for the Encore Palettes throughout 2014.

Feel free to contact European Body Art with any questions regarding the Encore Alcohol Palettes at


(800) 991-4322 or email support@europeanbodyart.com