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Posted by Samantha Wpg on July 15, 2015 at 6:45 AM

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‪Winnipeg, Manitoba CAFABA‬ ‪member‬s ‪list‬ of

‪Canadian‬ ‪Association‬ of ‪Face‬ and ‎Body‬ ‪Artists‬ 


Members of our association represent many aspects of the face and body art Industry.

Face and Body Painters, Henna Artists, Temporary Tattoo Artists and Airbrush face and body artists are all eligible to join the Association. By joining our association you are setting yourself apart, setting yourself up as part of a growing professional association which aims to bring together professional topical skin artists, in a sharing community of individuals who can learn from each other, network and together, grow and raise the standards of the work we do.

** Strict adherence to our terms and conditions apply to all members.

The Canadian Association of Face and Body Artists aims to build a community of skilled professionals from across Canada, who work to raise the professional bar, through continuous training, use of safe and hygienic practice, applying only cosmetic grade materials and treating their colleagues and clients with respect and good business practice.

Why Choose a CAFABA artist?

In Canada, the professions of Face and Body art are building and growing. Gone are the days when the only face painters available were clowns as a added service. Throughout the country there are festivals, special events, parties, picnics and photo shoots being planned all year round. Until now, there has been no central database from which Event Organizers can select professionals to undertake these gigs, knowing that they can be confident in the quality of work, cleanliness and safe practice used by those they employ.

Members of the Canadian Association of Face and Body Artists have committed to work to local health and safety guidelines, the majority of our membership attends regular professional training sessions to constantly update their training, and their commitment to our organization and our mandate means that they care about the stewardship of our industry, offering only the most professional services to clients. Some will travel extensively to work (some are regularly invited to work overseas) and some will specialize in certain elements of our arts – as in Henna, or Body Painting, using a brush and sponge, or an Airbrush.

As an Association, we encourage our membership to post full details of the services they offer, so that people like you can find exactly what they are looking for.

Prices charged by our members will vary from province to province. However, at CAFABA we recommend a minimum fee, bearing in mind these artists are all using extremely high quality cosmetics as their raw materials, are expected to purchase Liability Insurance for their businesses and often they operate a small team of painters who need to be trained, administered and managed.

As a rule of thumb you should expect to pay around $100 per hour for a professional Face or Henna Artist. Airbrush Tattoo artists will expect a similar rate, because, although the skill level is different, they have expensive equipment which must be maintained to be safe and operational. In the case of Body painters, you should expect to pay a little more – Body Painters are accustomed to working to tight deadlines, often with photographers at photo shoots. Of course, there will be some differential in these figures in different parts of Canada, but as an Association, we are working towards educating artists and clients of the validity and value of these unique art forms.

Each member will have their own rate, and we recommend that you contact them discuss your requirement.


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