Official Nordic Ambassadors of Concrete Minerals

http://www.pinuporshutupmagazine.com/ Official Nordic Concrete Minerals Ambassadors for Winnipeg www.concreteminerals.com Concrete Minerals products contain no nonsense, commonly referred to as: NO :: Parabens NO :: Fragrances and artificial flavors NO :: Nano-particles NO :: Bismuth Oxychloride NO:: Talc and other cheap fillersOrder your eye shadow colors and make up needs today Please message official Nordic Concrete Minerals Ambassadors to order these loverly colors for the new season Concrete Minerals launched in 2009 and we believe that every girl on Earth should have the opportunity to use gorgeous products that meet their needs in terms of quality without wreaking havoc on their skin -- there should never have to be a sacrifice! We love what we do, we love the girls and guys that support CM, and we will always do everything in our power to ensure that everyone has an amazing experience when they purchase from us.We?re hellbent to create sexy, richly-pigmented mineral makeup that's not only healthy, but reminds us why being a girl is badass! We should never feel burdened by makeup, we should cherish the opportunity to play with it! CM products are bold, sexy and unique, just like the girls who love us! (All Photo's posted in this album is credit to Concrete Minerals) www.concreteminerals.com
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