Award Winning First Place Custom made 2 head wo...

Custom made 2 head woman voodoo priestess Cosplay Costume for Halloween 2015 Nov 06, 2015 The two headed lady by: Shannyn Sam has worked on my Halloween costumes for I believe that 2015 is the 5th year. She's turned me into the mad hatter, the devil woman, a rag doll, a razor blade mouthed bride, a doll/faceless woman, and this year the two headed lady! This year I couldn't think of what I wanted, but we decided the two headed lady because I was attending the the show at the zoo which was night of the living dread 10, and the theme was carnival freakshow, how perfect would the two headed lady be? Anyways we finally decided two weeks before Halloween night. So the idea was make a dead version of my head and so it began, she kept showing me progression and WOW it looked exactly like me but dead... It was amazing! My costume ended up winning first place in the costume contest at the zoo that night people were either creeped right out and didn't want to look at me or they were telling me how awesome it was. By far my best Halloween ever! thank you so much Sam you did an amazing job, I am forever greatful! Now I gotta start thinking about next year =p but I'm gunna keep you on your toes as per usual! Lol Love you and thank you so much!
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