Private in studio one on one face and body painting experience no over priced convention face and body art, custom pricing to what suits your event or personality.

Licensed Red Seal Aesthetician with over 18 years in the industry with over 25 years experience in my industry.

Professional Body Face Special Effect Artist, Body Painting Certified Licensed Body Painting Artist.

Samantha Wpg is able to accommodate your parties, VIP events and graduations.

Make your next unique independent event the most memorable.

Want the very best in Professional face and body art and entertainment for your event or party?

Then don't go for the cracking, flaking funny running cartoon faces.

Higher VisualEyeCandy today! very experienced and very professional face and body artist.

All of my body art in my social media is done by Visual Eye Candy a media related division of Samantha Wpg VisualEyeCandy all the art and photography on my website is created by Samantha Wpg the artist.

Only booked public functions and Corporate events will be shared with the public on my website

www.samanthawpg.com unless otherwise requested.

VIP Birthdays & private functions are not shared unless otherwise requested by my clients.

All professional face and body painting products used are all FDA approved face and body painting products are water based and safe for all clients even with the highest skin sensitivity's.

See a wonderful variety of examples of professional Face and Body painting done by Visual Eye Candy on my website where all my social media links and references to all my past clients and work experience are available for your convince.

Frequently asked Questions!

Why hire a Professional Body painting Artist ?

I can get another face and body painter not as great but much more inexpensive?

What if the face and body painters prices are too good to be true?

The product cost of the product isn't a professional FDA approved purchase product which you need a professional licence to purchase for the industry from the manufactory or distributor.

As a professional body artist the real price invested in the products and tools will show in there work and the price offered to there V.I.P clients.

For the range of price being invested in the F.D.A approved products being used on face and body the investment price is worth every penny.

If there using products that are purchased from the dollar store they are often not Licensed and uneducated, untrained in the professional face and body painting industry, cut rates or unreliable product that is Not F.D.A approved.

The examples I see at almost every conventions or events is that there is no hand sanitizer at there table, The water is not changed for every client for cleaning brushes or to reanimate the paints to use on clients.

New sponges are NOT being used on new clients, either cleaning or disposing of the sponges or the same sponge used on every client.

V.I.P clients only deserve the very best high quality F.D.A professional products, cosmetic grade face and body paints products that are FDA approved.

I follow all strict guidelines for hygienic applications to avoid cross contamination at hired public events, for the highest comfort and safety standards for you and your V.I.P guests.

All glitters are F.D.A approved specifically for the skin and are not dollar store glitters which will cut and cause corneal abrasion will cause damage to the eyes.

Often with volunteer painters at charities, schools, community centres, public events, buskers, entertainers with out licences, beginning face painters they are uneducated in the issues of such as non-cosmetic F.D.A approved glitter and some events will use acrylic craft paint or craft water colours from the dollar store.

These specific products that are NOT approved for use anywhere on the body despite being labeled? non-toxic?

When you hire a professional body and face painter you are ensuring safe products, clean procedures, prompt and reliable service and a proven so that your V.I.P guests go away amazed and happy with a outstanding and and exciting piece of art that they can be proud to show off to everyone in their social circle.

Many face paint artists steal photos from stock photos or other artists on the internet and pass them off as the face and body painting artist work shown in the stolen photos as there own.

But you can check out the photography of my real professional work as face and body painter and make your educated choice the right choice.

I work only in international F.D.A standards of excellence in face paint and F.D.A approved products.

The V.I.P. event may be over, but the photography will last a lifetime so does the quality that is recommended.

Don't be disappointed with big talk from face and body painters with big egos is a real party killer for you or that big event that is your day not there's.

Always hire someone who listen to what ideas YOU want NOT what the artist wants remember its your day to shine as V.I.P client.

Sometimes inflated pricing can be from inflated egos of artists can be the worse pricing this is like a selling snake oil to the gypsy to make the client think they are getting the best when in fact many artists will over inflate prices just like there egos and try to fool future uneducated customers.

I can be your best face and body artist for your event at the going rate for good services.

Want to know more?

I've shared more educational experience on what to look for when booking a professional face and body artist.

Although cheap face painting is not good and good face painting is not cheap,

I make this exciting artist art form accessible to everyone!

Few match my F.D.A standards, I often set a prices that works for you and your special V.I.P day or social events.

Be my guest please contact my website to see what I can do for you especially if you are a non-profit organization or teaching social event. Corporate & Private parties, Birthdays, Festivals, Spring Break, Canada Day, Company Baseball events, Sweet 16, Valentine's Day, Socials, Carnivals, Reunions, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Grads, TV media events.

Hand Paint or Airbrush logos of your business or company of your product, brand, theme or style requested.

Photo Booth, Photography, Theatrical, Dancing, Ballet, Jazz or modern Tap make you stand out at your special event. Halloween, New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras, Girl's Nite Out, Stagettes, Stags, Tail Gate Parties, Super Bowl Parties, Night Club Events, Fashion Shows, Bachelorette Party, Rock concerts, Flash Mobs, Grand Openings, Tattoo design, Airbrush designs, Product promotions, Fun Classes, Special Effects make up, Zombie-Monster party's, a Airbrush by hand, use of stencils on request.

I can produce original designs to fit the theme to your big V.I.P event Sports, Teams, Clubs, Holiday, Christmas, Hawaiian, Fantasy, My Pretty Ponies, Bronies (Boys who love pretty ponies), Comic Con, Cos Play, Batman, Spiderman, Joker, Fairy,Pirate Parties, Princess Parties.

Face paint and body painting is a fantastic feature for children's parties, teens and tweens love it Great for adult or VIP parties with unique freehand designs for face and body.

By hiring a professional body painting artist you can really show your team spirit with custom free hand face and body designs.

Most body paints are water based and can be removed gently with soap and water.

Some of the FDA approved Body Art is a alcohol based water proof professional body paints which last between 1 to 14 days or longer depending on how the body art is taken care of.

I use the same products used on FaceOff and professional events from around the world.

When you take care of your new semi-permanent body art tattoo I recommended special setting powder talc free for the best results to keep your personal body art lasting longer.

The alcohol based body paint paints can be removed with professional FDA topical alcohol recommended organic natural body oils is highly recommended when you want to take it off.

Your welcome to allowed the design to gradually fade away the instructions with setting powder and cleansing product is included in your purchase VisualEyeCandy body painting experience.